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Baby Apps - Three activities: Peace, Color, Pop

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개발자: Wylio
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Free for a limited time! No gimmicks, no ads, no up-sells, no complicated menu systems to confuse little ones. Three activities for new humans: Peace, Color, Pop. Peace - Soothe a fussy infant with the natural white noise and optional abstract visualization of a waterfall. Perfect for when their tummy is full and you know theyre tired but they cant quite find that elusive sleep. Color - Babies use their fingers and hands to draw temporary, disappearing, sparkling, lines on top of shifting colors with peaceful string music in the background. Pop - Unlimited balloon popping intrigue for youngsters with graceful background music that wont annoy adults. No points, levels, or "game over" screens to annoy toddlers. The minimalist visual design of our activities is done with little ones in mind and our sound design is meant to be considerate to you: their parent, guardian, uncle or aunt, who will be within earshot of the fun. Baby Apps is designed with the knowing touches that only a parent would think of. *Pro Tip: Enable "Guided Access," found in the "Accessibility" area of your devices settings, to prevent your child from exiting Baby Apps using the physical "Home" button on your device.